Cannot set up Brave as my default browser on HP Windows 8

HP Windows 8. I got the icon on my desktop, but it shows nowhere in my apps or when I do a search to set it as my default browser.

Hi @dynamicdr,

Can this one help:

  • Open Brave
  • Under Preferences > General, there should be a default browser option.
  • Enable the setting and see if it can help.

Let me know if it isn’t.

Does not work.

When I click “Set as default”, it takes me to the app page on my computer… where Brave is nowhere to be found.

My default browser is Avast Secure Browser on that page… and when I search for Brave… it’s not anywhere.

Assuming you have brave installed and the browser is functional (works):

Control Panel > icon view > Default Programs > Set Default Programs >

Find and Click on brave > Choose defaults for this program >

Put a check-mark in the boxes for those items you wish to use brave ******


****** It is not usually necessary to “Select All” – some of this stuff might be items you never use. IF brave can not handle one of the “Unknown application” items, you might end up getting weird errors. Instead of “Select All”, consider checking boxes only for items you recognize.

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@dynamicdr, were you ever able to resolve this?

No. I use Brave, but have not been able to set is as my browser.

Not a big problem though.

Did you try @shelbyomi’s suggestion?

Thanks for following through.

It did work this time around. No clue why it did not work before.

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Glad this was resolved. :slight_smile:

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread now, thank you for reaching out!