Cannot send BATs to my Uphold

I have 4 Brave instances added to Brave but 2 of them are “died”. I bought a new laptop 8 months ago and I installed Brave on that one, too. This is my main computer and I use to make 10 BATs per months. Unfortunately, those BATs are not send to my Uphold, they are kept in my browser. How can I use them?

I tried to send 1 BAT to my youtube account, accepted as publisher by Brave, but I could not found the amount in Uphold neither. I sent this month another 10 BATs to my youtube channel and I wait to see if I will receive something.

I contacted Uphold support and I asked them if I can have 2 spots open because I am not using 2 of my previous instances anymore. They said that is not an Uphold problem and they advised my to contact Brave Support.

Confused at maximum. What to do?