Cannot scroll the website


If you go to the screen wont scroll most of the time.

It works on chrome.

iphone 11.3



by chance any feedback on that? thanks!


My tests results:

Reproduced: Yes (on iOS), latest version of Brave

Problem: Upon landing on http://nouvelobs, you will not be able to scroll unless you reload the page some number of times. This occurs about 30-40% of the time. There is no set number of refreshes that fixes the problem; the scrolling issue seems to appear randomly and unpredictably.

Attempted solutions: I have tried disabling shields, reenabling them, toggling sub-shield settings, etc. all of which have not yielded any reliable results.

Other browsers: Website scrolling works consistently (with scrolling) on iOS Safari.


Could not reproduce this issue on a Windows 7 SP1 x64 system with the latest Brave version installed.


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