Cannot scroll menu past window border



Windows 7, Brave 0.25.2.
I imported my lengthy bookmarks from Chrome a few months ago and have never been able to scroll all of them. The pulldown bookmarks menu cuts off at the bottom of the Brave window, no way to get it to scroll down any further. This seems to apply to any puldowns in Brave that are longer than the program window.


Update: Scroll wheel on the mouse DOES work to scroll down the list. However, without a scroll wheel on my other mouse there is no way to get to the rest. Standard behavior is when you hover over the bottom of the list it should automatically scroll the list up to move further down the list.


@DrNotes, this is a pretty old issue. I just encountered another thread reporting an older bug that’s somehow survived up until this point. However, I think the response I gave them is appropriate for you as well:


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