Cannot Save Some Images (Interrupted)


While browsing on (Google Images) I am able to save images “save as type: .jpg” or .png depending on the file. But while on other image sites such as ( I get “save as type: All Files (.)” and do not get the option for .jpg or .png When I hit save it tells me the image was “Interrupted” I figured this was do to settings but I am unable to figure this out.


Hi @BlackFigure, I’m sorry for late response.

On which OS are you on? Currently, Brave on Windows will show “All Files” and I think it’ll be fixed.

It seems it’s a known issue. Added your +1 and you can track the progress here

Thanks for reporting,


Do we know when that fix is coming? I have the same issue.

Weirdly, if I let it save as All Files without changing the name my computer realizes the type, presumably from the ending, but if I edit the name it gets saved as a generic file.


@applied_atoms for your issue, the file saved as generic file when user rename it and cleared the file extension (jpg, png, or else) and Brave not auto added the extension. I think it’ll be fixed in 0.21.x release. Temporary workaround is renaming without remove the extension or download without renaming.


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