Cannot right-click with 0.18.23 on Windows



I updated to Brave 0.18.23 on Windows and it has a new problem that arises intermittently and keep coming back.

If I open a new window (as opposed to a new tab), the right-click menu in the new window simply does not appear. It appears in the tabs in the old window. I use dual monitors and this is really frustrating, since I often want to right-click on a link and open it in a new tab.

If I exit Brave completely, then the problem goes away for a while but comes back again.

Brave also seems a lot slower than when I first installed it. Javascript-heavy pages like Gmail seem to degrade its performance after several hours.


I thought it was just my mouse; adding my +1 same here on the right click issue.


Hi @braveman

How are you opening the new window? (Tearing off a tab to create a new window, opening new window from file menu, etc)



HI Lauren,

I typically tear off a tab. I tested just now, and if I tear off a tab,
the right-click context menu does not appear.

If I open a new window from the file menu, the context menu seems to
appear. I have a memory that I had the same problem if I opened a new
window from the file menu, but I can’t reproduce it at this moment.

Hope that helps. Thanks for looking into this!


Hi @braveman

We do have an issue logged for right-click/context menus with tear off tabs, it can be tracked at the link below. If you do see the issues with opening a new window from the file menu, let us know in a new thread (I couldn’t reproduce it either, so we’ll have to gather some additional information if it happens again). Thanks!



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