Cannot remap 'New tab' to 'New tab to the right'

Description of the issue:
Hi, I’m trying to change the default behaviour when opening a new tab (cmd+t on macOS) to have it automatically open in the tab group I am currently in. I succeeded in remapping ctrl+t from ‘New tab’ to ‘New Tab to the Right’ on Ubuntu 22.04 running snap’s brave-browser, whereas on macOS mapping cmd+t to any other action results in opening a new tab, and the original mapping cannot be disabled. I don’t see why this would be a limitation of the OS itself, as is the case of other keystrokes like cmd+r or cmd+s.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Settings > System > Shortcuts
  2. Try to map cmd+t to ‘New Tab to the Right’.
  3. New tab opens with no change in the shortcuts tab.

Expected result:
The action is either remapped successfully or shows a warning that the keystroke is already in use by ‘New tab’ (but is allowed to be overwritten)

Brave Version( check About Brave):

**kidq330@Pb83eJ0O**:**~**:λ> brew info brave-browser

==> **brave-browser**: (auto_updates)

/opt/homebrew/Caskroom/brave-browser/ (127B)


==> **Name**


==> **Description**

Web browser focusing on privacy

==> **Artifacts**

Brave (App)

==> **Analytics**

install: 4,804 (30 days), 13,743 (90 days), 49,379 (365 days)

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