Cannot recover my Brave Wallet after installing version 22.727


Just upgraded to the latest browser version (22.727), and it forgot my Brave Wallet. I even tried deleting the newly-generated wallet, and then copying and pasting my wallet key into the recovery field, but that doesn’t work, either. It just defaults to some random key and says I have a current balance of 7.5 BAT, which is incorrect.

Furthermore, I also tried downgrading my browser to the previous version (22.721), and that didn’t help anything, either. So I just went ahead and re-upgraded.

(Am using a laptop with Windows 10, 64-bit.)

Is the Brave Wallet server currently down? If so, when will it be fixed?


Hi @DiscoProJoe

What are you expecting your wallet balance to be? I am asking because old UGP grants have expired.

Also, how many back up words do you have: 16 or 24? I ask because older wallets have 16, so if you go to recover a wallet with 16 words and then go to view your backup key, you will see 24 new words. Either group of words (16 or 24) should be working to restore your wallet.



Thanks for the fast reply.

My wallet key has 16 words, and am expecting the balance to be 25.0 BAT. Last debited 25 BAT on May 22nd, and was scheduled for the next 25 BAT to be debited on June 22nd. But now it says July 5th, and that I only have 7.5 BAT.

Also, after trying to restore my wallet and then clicking on “Backup your wallet,” it keeps showing the same 24-word key that begins with “lady music sadness…,” and ending with “exotic.” I can’t get rid of this new key, and for some reason, can’t replace it with my own.



The 24 words are ok, they’re just another way to recover your same wallet. Think of it as having two backup keys - one with 16 words and one with 24.

Since you know what your balance was (25 BAT), do you recall if you had any UGP grants in your wallet? If you are unsure, could you please navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\brave and open your ledger-state.json file (you can just use a text editor, you will not be saving any changes). In this file, please locate paymentId and private message this value to me. I can ask a teammate to review your wallet on the server.


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