Cannot Recover Account

my hard drive was damaged and i need to buy a new hard drive. i lost all my bats and cannot recover them anymore. i have a verified Uphold account but cannot transfer the bats to Uphold. anyone here that can help me recover my bats token. before my hard drive got damaged i was not receiving any ads for 5 months but had about 27 earned bats, please help me anyone. thanks.

please help me.

Hey @teddy67 !

Are you saying you are unable to connect your Uphold account to Brave on your PC?


Hi GreenBananaPorridge…it was connected to my Uphold account but my bats were not transferring to the account even during the transfer date. I am using a new hard drive now since my hard drive was not working anymore and the recovery code was inside the old hard drive. I have about 26 bats earned already. Can i recover the bats or is it gone for good? That was an issue I was having before my hard drive got destroyed. Bats were not transferring to my Uphold account for 6 months. can i get help?

If you have not uninstalled Brave on the old harddrive and the OS is left unchanged you should be able to connect your browser to Uphold and the BAT should go to your account.

Do you have the wallet ID and information for the Brave browser on your old harddrive?


the old hard drive is dead…it is not working anymore…i am now using a brand new hard drive. i have the wallet ID in the old hard drive. i cannot retrieve any data naymore in my old hard drive.

Unfortunately, you cannot recover those BAT if you are unable to access the browser.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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