Cannot reach max resolution in Prime Video

Hello everyone,

I am a new user of this great browser but I found a problem with Prime Video… I can play videos but the streaming never gets the max resolution (compared with Chrome).

I take two screenshots about the streaming settings to compare (in spanish, but are easy to understand)…

Chrome screenshot:

Brave screenshot:

As you can see, I selected in both browsers the same quality (“La mejor”, the best one), but in Chrome Amazon advise about 6,84GB per hour and using Brave advise about 1,17GB per hour… and it’s not lossless compression hahaha.

If I can help or add more information to try to solve the issue… I will be happy to help the community :slight_smile:

Thank you and sorry for my english

Same for HBO.

I’m using Netflix 1080p extension to force Netflix to 1080p, so I don’t detect the issue with Netflix…

I believe this is due to widevine’s new “Verified Media Path” feature. Brave Browser will have to get approved by Google to play in HD apparently.

Same issue with the last release.

I also get this issue and i have to use another browser to view content in HD, just that Brave needs to be approved

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