Cannot play videos on the site ""

Hi, when i go to the videos on the trainings of that site i get the message “This video is not authorized to be embedded here”. On youtube and other sites videos play fine. with shield on or off it is the same thing. on chrome this site plays its videos fine. thanks for the help

Hi @jon442 - thanks for reporting. You may need to enable ‘Cross site trackers’ within the Shields icon located in the URL bar.

Where is the videos on the site? (do I need login?)

they are on the training section, you do need to login.

i enabled cross tracker, and also turned off shields, still get the same message.

Having not tested myself, my guess would be to try changing the Device Recognition setting to Allow all... and see if this helps.

Ok i figured that the culprit is the PIA vpn extension. If i remove the extension from the list then the videos play. Weird thing is that even if the vpn is not activated, videos dont play ( meaning that just by having the icon of the extension up there it messes up the video). I also have this extension on chrome and it does not cause this problem there. Any ideas what might be the problem?

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Hmmm, not entirely clear. Can you try turning the VPN extension on, but then in your Shields panel, turn the https upgrades toggle “off”? This is just to test.

I just tried that but it didnt work

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