Cannot open / view PDF's after latest update - strange error screen results


I have macOS Sierra 10.12.3, and upgraded to Brave 0.15.0 earlier today. Since the upgrade, when I click to download or view a PDF, I will get a brief flash of the normal page structure for showing a PDF before the tab goes all black with the error image in the center, as in the attached screenshot. I cannot use the back button, even though it’s the same tab I tried to open the PDF from. Nor can I leave that page for another page in the tab by typing in a different URL - I have to open a new tab to do whatever.

I can download the PDF’s via Safari from the same sites, and so far this has happened on 3 different sites



Thanks for reporting @HereWeGo,

We have had a few reports of this after the latest update was released. There is a github issue here that you can check out for tracking progress:

I’m going to close out this thread since the team is already working on this, but if you have anything you’d like to add, please feel free to do so here.

Thanks again for contributing this report!

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