Cannot open pop ups


I. My OS is Windows 10
II. My Brave Version is 0.23.39
III. I am trying to access an online courses platform (, but the log in process uses pop ups for accessing the learning platform. When trying to log in, the pop up will not appear. I have tried deactivating all protections on the Brave Protection Menu, then disabled the Brave Protection itself. Neither has worked.
How can one selectively choose if pop ups should be allowed, or simply how can i open Pop ups on Brave??


Hi @frankskol,
Would you be willing to record a gif of what happens when you try to login on the website? As I don’t have an RG/RNE or CPF, I was unable to register for the website myself when attempting to test the issue. You can use
LICEcap to record screen activity (its free, open source, light weight and very easy to use).


Here is the GIF
First i tried Brave using the Safety Mode but with all possible blockers disabled
Then i tried Brave with the Safety Off
In the end i show how it is supposed to work on Opera. The browser blocks the pop up, but still enables me to open the learning platform

Hope it helps understand the issue


Thanks! It did help quite a bit.
This is kind of a strange question but can you show me what the pop-up looks like when its not blocked?


Some things that should not be are (only partly? idk… the player is still visible but nothing plays) blocked by Brave Shields. For example, the videos in the feed under a twitch stream, only sit on a black screen which is pictured below. Another problem spot is on KissAnime. All the videos and players that I have looked at on this site, still are able to pop-out some site or something when you click Play on the video, like they are supposed to… for a non-ad-blocking user. However, this obviously is supposed to be blocked with Brave Shield. On top of this, it seems that some players are not able to, or not able to efficiently, load videos while Brave Shield is on. For example, Kimi No Na Wa on KissAnime is one where everytime I click Play (only happens once per page load, so refreshing the page will cause pop-out to come again) the pop-out site that is set to appear, still comes and is not blocked by Brave Shield. Then after closing this, and returning to the page, if you click to Play the video again it will show a loading sign but this seems to show endlessly and never actually load the video much longer than it does without Shield being on, seeing as I was able to sit on a black screen with the loading symbol for 2 mins, but as soon as I turned of Brave Shield, the video loaded fine. When going to any of these pages with Brave Shield turned off, the videos load fine, and obviously the pop-outs on KissAnime still happen, unless you use another adblocker.


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