Cannot open Microsoft Outlook hyperlinks

I’m trying to make Brave (latest updated version) my default browser (from Chrome). However, I cannot get hyperlinks from Microsoft Outlook 2016 to open at all on Brave, despite having set it as the default browser in Win 10 settings (Win 10 Pro 1903, x64), in all possible ways. The error given by Windows is:
"Virus & threat protection
Action blocked
Your administrator caused Windows
Security to block this action. Contact your
help desk. "

The above error led me to believe that it’s one of the Defender modules which was not allowing the change, so I tried turning Windows Defender off. As soon as Windows Defender was turned off, all Outlook hyperlinks worked perfectly, opening a tab in Brave without issues.

As Defender is my primary AV, I can’t turn it off completely. What can be done to resolve this problem?