Cannot open local html files

Can’t open local html files with any easy way

Right click open with Brave redirects me to “Untitled” new tab with address “aboutabout”
Drag and drop doesn’t work on new tab or if drag and drop on address bar
Only work if i drag and drop the html file on existing loaded page and then loads file:///xxxxxxx file

Opening local files was ok until the latest update. Now clicking on a local html file gives a blank page.
This seemed to happen after the commit numbered: 00aaee7be2906d062bfa0bac7f78a867329b9037

Hi @SaintDrew,
This is a known issue that sprouted up fairly recently. You can follow the issue here .
We apologize for the inconvenience. This will likely be fixed in an upcoming update, but I’ll need to reach out to the team to confirm.