Cannot open Creator in Brave Browser

So this is aggravating and should probably go alongside my first post, but I’m not feeling merciful after 3 and a half hours of trying to figure out how to transfer Android mobile BAT to my desktop creator account and finding out your fix doesn’t work and the new conversion button is only for IoS which does Android users absolutely bubkiss.

THEN I find out I can’t even open my creator account IN THE BROWSER on my S21 Ultra 5g!!!
Login email gives me a sideloader browser out of outlook.

That’s just weak.

I don’t mind if reading this costs a dev some time to reply if they bother because I won’t get those 3 and half hours back

Thanks for reaching out. One issue at a time:

  1. For transferring BAT from your Android device to your Uphold account: we are pushing an update today that will allow you to verify your Android wallet w/Uphold regardless of minimum balance as long as you already have a verified Uphold account.
  2. Not entirely clear on what is happening with your login issue. Are you saying that when you click the link to send you your login email, it opens in a browser instead? Would you mind elaborating a bit here?
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Heya, slightly better day than when I was posting.

When I open the email in my outlook app, and click the login link, I can’t open the link in Brave browser, it loads a mini browser.

it occurs to me belatedly that this might be an Outlook effect, and that Brave dev’s may not be solely responsible if even at all

I appreciate the same day response.

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It likely is an Outlook setting – I believe you can tell it what app to use when clicking links. You can also copy/paste the link into the browser as a workaround.

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