Cannot merge back tabs from separate windows?



To make it clear this is what is going on:
I have windows
I just installed Brave
I noticed that, just like chrome, or other browsers, you can drag a tab off and it will create a new windows with that tab
However, when there are two windows open, with tabs in there, I cannot merge tabs in them into one windows. Drag appearantly does not work. Any idea? Or am I being stupid and missed something?


is it possible to take a screenshot with LICEcap to demonstrate the issue? thanks


You see, I can make new windows but I cannot merge windows


Compare to firefox’s merging feature in case you still do not understand.

Thanks for replying and helping!


Hi @Linusky,

You should drop the tab before the + button.

@suguru, I think the drop area should be improved. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for helping me!
I should have noticed!
But I do agree with the fact that the drop area should be improved, as for new users, it would be pretty hard to figure this out