Cannot login to Uphold in Brave Rewards

Uphold is very annoying.

From time to time, we are forced to log back in and most of the time when that happens, is a pain in the b…
Now, it keeps showing this message in my main computer:

The problem is that I could login to Uphold, but then for some reason it started to show that message.
Brave is up to date: v1.60.125 (Nov 29, 2023)
Computer OS: Mac OS Sonoma 14.2

In my Windows computer I use for work 2 days a week, I gave up, it won’t connect, maybe because we are behind firwewall in the office.

I’ve figure out what was happening.
Uphold has some requirements to confirm financial information every year. After confirming everything, now I could login.

Anyway, I still think Uphold is very annoying.
Coinbase doesn’t do the same.

Glad to hear you got it resolved. I’ll make this as solved then.

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