Cannot login to the Wells Fargo website while using Brave

In the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that I am not able to login to Wells Fargo when using the Brave browser. I use LastPass and verify that it is correctly putting in my id and password on the Wells Fargo website and I still get an error message saying that my credentials don’t match what Wells Fargo is expecting. Even when I don’t use LastPass and I manually put in my login credentials, I still get an error from Wells Fargo. At this point, the only way that I am able to login to Wells Fargo is to switch to a different browser other than Brave.

I don’t have a login to test, but can you test with Sheilds=Aggresive?

I already have “trackers and ad blocking” set to aggressive.

Just tried logging into Wells Fargo again and I was able to successfully login. Probably best to close this tickets or issue for now.

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