Cannot Login Sony Website



Hello Community,

I tried everything from the help posts on disabling shield to allowing cookies. But I cannot seem to get to login to the sony ps4 website.


Any help? Except for using a different browser? I am livid from hearing Firefox’s stance.

Thank you


Hi @Vastu

Could you provide some additional information such as, are you desktop or mobile? What version of Brave and OS are you running?



Hey @LaurenWags

I am using it on a laptop.

Brave 0.18.14
OS Platform macOS (Sierra 10.12.6)
OS Release 16.7.0
OS Architecture x64

is this sufficient ?

Thank you for looking into it.


Hi @Vastu

Yes, this is helpful. Can you tell me what issue you’re seeing? Do you not get the login screen when you click on the Sign In button? Or is the reCAPTCHA giving you trouble? Something else entirely?



Hey @LaurenWags

So after I enter my login information and enter the reCaptcha when I press the Log In button, it just reloads the sign in page. Doesn’t actually login. I tried with another browser and it logs in. So its not the websites’ fault.

Hope this helps. Thank you.


Hi @Vastu

I apologize for the delay. Can you please try ‘Allow all cookies’ for just this site? You can do this by clicking on the Brave icon when on the login page and selecting this option from the Cookie Control field.


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