Cannot login into binance website

Hello, all
Help please
I visited the binance website login page but it shows error 505 with Brave browser
it cannot display normally

but if I use new private window
it can open normally and I can login to the binance website

Solution that i’ve tried :

  • i have disabled (turn-off) brave shield, but it doesn’t work
  • delete/clear cookies & reset site permission, but it doesn’t work

is there any suggestion?

Brave Version :
Version 1.2.42 Chromium: 79.0.3945.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Can you check if it works on Google Chrome for you? It might just be an issue with Binance’s servers, given that it is a status 500 error:

But since it is a 505 error, it could be the Binance’s webservers are not configured correctly. There is also a chance that the HTTP request Brave is sending includes an unusual version number, but this is less likely. (It would likely be the same for Chrome.)

Let me know, thanks!

i open with google chrome in normal mode, it works flawlessly

but when i open with brave browser in normal mode, it cannot open.
just show 505 code image

*open with brave browser with private mode window, it works flawlessly

so until now I login binance using brave browser with private mode :frowning:

Disabling fingerprinting / allowing site recognition should help here

How to disabling fingerprinting / allowing site recognition in brave browser?

In the address bar, under shields. Disabling ‘Site recognition’ there. Let me know if that doesn’t work

it doesnt work…
I have tried it, disable all shield…

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