Cannot log to Community in via Brave, but can via Chrome


New Brave user here, on Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.6).


  1. in a new installation I created a Brave Community Account with Brave running, but not as my default browser.
  2. I clicked the Account Confirmation link I received in E-mail and it logged me in via my Chrome session.
    3) Back to my Brave session to log in and it will not recognize the username/login pair.
  3. Verified that logout/login works on Chrome
  4. Back to Brave to issue a reset password.
  5. Click Reset Password link in Email and change password, control returns to Chrome window.
  6. Still cannot log into Brave Community. When doing so from a new window I get a “You’re almost done! We sent an activation mail to…” screen. No message arrives for this.

My next step is to restart the browser, but I wanted to report this while it was fresh and reproducible.

Update: when I restarted Brave, the tabs re-opened, but in one I got the new message: “We cannot detect if your account was created, please ensure you have cookies enabled.”


Hi @Greg-t,

Nice to hear you are using Brave! I would suggest following these steps; A site is not working / not showing images / not allowing me to log in

It sounds like you need to enable cookies within Brave in order for the Community to log you in. It may just be worth clicking the Brave Icon and turning off the shield altogether just for the site.

Any issues, shout back.


OK, I finally resorted to the shotgun: I enabled cookies for the site, cleared caches and cookies and restarted the browser.

But I can now log in!

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