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I installed Brave yesterday on Windows 10 x64, and I cannot log out of Twitter or LinkedIn. If I click on “Log Out” on Twitter, it just refreshes my page. If I click on logout for LinkedIn I get a request error message that says to make sure cookies are enabled.

Initially, even if I quit Brave, upon opening it again I would be automatically logged into Twitter. By selecting to clear All site cookies, All autofill and and All autocomplete data, if I close Brave then I am logged out of Twitter and LinkedIn when I reopen.

I can log out of Facebook with no problem.

I used Brave on Mac OS for awhile and never had this issue. What do I need to adjust to be able to log out of Twitter and LinkedIn without having to close Brave?

Brave doesnt work on

Thank you for the feedback; I think we spoke on Twitter, but I’ll share the same update here as well :slight_smile:

Version 0.13.0 of Brave resolves this issue. Aggressive internal caching was to blame. Found, and fixed.

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