Cannot log into Wall Street Journal WSJ.COM


When I log into, the site shows that I am logged in. However, all of the articles are still locked out. I am running version 0.12.15.


hi. i’m also a subscriber, and am not seeing any issues after logging in.

i just opened up a clean browser, logged in, and see my name in the upper right-hand corner. there isn’t a key next to any of the articles, and i’ve clicked through to a few.

just checking: you’re running 0.12.15 on macos, windows, or linux?

if you log out and log back in, same problem?

thanks for your patience!


I have this problem on Windows, Linux and Android.

I’ve logged in and out many times. Same problem.

Thanks for looking into this.



well, i’ve tried over the last few days to duplicate the problem and i can’t.

is anyone else having this issue? if so, it would be good to know.

also, have you tried this with shields off for


i am able to log into however all the articles are still locked
out. Turning off the shields does not help.

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