Cannot log into publisher account

This morning I am unable to log into my publishers account

All was working fine yesterday and this morning I get an error ‘Unverified request’

I don’t get any email to log in

Any help please?

May be worth noting here the above screenshot is taken using latest Beta app for Android.
I can log in with the stable Android app

Hi @RichWallace - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks.

Message sent thanks a lot

Can anyone help me with this please?
Really frustrating infant log in to my publishers account using my browser of choice…Brave :man_facepalming:

Hi @RichWallace - looking into this now. Thanks for your patience.

I’m seeing that your last login was 9hrs ago, is that incorrect?

Thanks a lot @steeven
Something else I’ve just noticed…
My verified accounts don’t seem to show the means for being tipped.

I can log in using the none beta android app it seems
So that could be correct

Which devices are you unable to login with?

Looks like your account is 3 days old, it can take a few days for everything to finish setting up.

I don’t seen any email suppressions with your address, so you should be good to login on any device and should receive your confirmation emails.

I installed stable browser on the same android device as the beta, and that allows me to log in. Will check on my laptop shortly

Yes, apologies, should have noted the account is new. Although I thought the verification took up to 48 hours. I linked 4 accounts, 1 shows me as a verified publisher, the others not?

Hi @RichWallace - it can take up to a week on mobile for your channel to appear as verified.

Can confirm I am able to log in to my publisher account via the desktop app on linux

Thanks @RichWallace, good to hear.

I’m still having random issues logging in via the mobile ap, so the issue isn’t resolved.

What happens when you attempt to login on mobile?

Exactly what I pictured in the first post, and no email received

Hi @RichWallace, can you refresh that page, and attempt to login again via mobile?