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I cannot log in to the website that my dealership uses. When I log in, it accepts my credentials and brings me to the authentication page, but after entering the credentials I am kicked back to the log in page. This only started a week ago and has consistently done this since. I am forced to use Chrome or another browser for this site only.

Using Version 0.68.139 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10

Enter Credentials
Back to login page

Can you tell me if the site logs you in if you change the cookie setting in the Shields panel to Allow all cookies?

I changed the setting to allow all and it still did not log in.

Are you successful if you try to login with Shields down entirely or do you get the same behavior?

Same behavior with shields down. It’s kind of weird because at the top it almost looks like it starts to download the page after you log in, but then it jumps back to the login page.

We pushed an update to v0.68.140 today – can you confirm that this persists after the update?

Hi. The problem is still occurring and my browser is saying it is up-to-date.

I would try:

  1. Turning Shields down entirely to see if this causes the site to allow you to login. (from there we can narrow down the cause)
  2. In Brave, type brave://flags into the address bar and search for a flag titled #http-auth-committed-interstitials and disable it. Relaunch the browser when prompted. Then, return to the site and try to login again.

Hi. Neither of those steps caused me to be able to log in.

Would you be willing to share a screenshot of the output that appears in the dev tools Console window?

Visit, open dev tools (Menu --> More tools --> Dev tools), select the Console tab in the window, then attempt to authenticate.

If you don’t mind, could you remove the image once you save a copy? I’d rather not have something with my name posted here long.

Would it be possible to PM the login details so I can test?

Sorry. This is a company site, and I would be violating my company’s policy if I did that.

So am I unable to get further help because I won’t share my login credentials?

Its more we’re limited on details and being able to reproduce the issues. It’s similar for banking issues or internal intranet issues. Of course we’d like to resolve all website issues or at least log a fault, but when it comes to internal or private sites our testing would be very constrained, if not impossible to test by other devs.

Okay. Well I’ve provided other information. Never providing others with your username and password is one of the most basic rules of internet security, so it seems improper to be asked for it. The site was working fine a few weeks ago. I’m now forced to go back to Chrome, as this is the site I have to use most.

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