Cannot Get Rewards. Support Requested Submitted w/ No Response USA

My BAT rewards for December show as “Congrats! Your December rewards have arrived!” but there is no claim button or anything. Been stuck like that for days now. I submitted a support request yesterday but have not heard anything.

Support feedback may take some days. Waiting one or two weeks is not unusual. With the Xmas break the delay may be even longer.

I will request you to remove the email from the post. I don’t want it falling into wrong hands, as there have been cases of scams through community as well. As @rodrige mentioned, it could be a while. Since you submitted a ticket just yesterday, its possible that you will get a reply by next week. If before, you’re lucky.
Do share the ticket number instead of your email, so support can look for your ticket and get back to you when / if they see this topic.

Support doesn’t respond that quickly. It can take up to 3-5 business days to even see tickets. Then it can take hours, days, or even weeks to investigate each ticket and try to resolve. Staff certainly tries to respond and resolve issues as fast as possible, but it’s almost never done overnight as you’re commenting. They have just a handful of people who handle tickets and they get hundreds, if not thousands, of issues to resolve each day.

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