Cannot get past the Guest page

Brave Browser suddenly stopped working. When I tried to open it I was taken to the guest page. Discovered also my account had been deleted when I tried to log in for help. Attempted to correct by opening a new account, and then deleting the software and reloading it. (Windows 10 64 bit version). Still the same problem.


Can you please elaborate on what “stopped working” means? Did it stop launching entirely? Stop loading web pages? Slow down? Start crashing?

You were taken to the “guest page” for what site exactly? I’m not sure I follow.

What account are you referring to?

What software did you delete?

when I attempt to open the browser by clicking on the Brave Icon I get a pop up screen. It has the image of a yellow cat on it with two options “Browse as Guest” and "Add Profile.

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Poor choice of words on my part. I Uninstalled the program from Windows and reinstalled it. What I mean by “stopped working” is it failed to launch - I could not swap browsers from Chrome to Brave.

So any time you launch the browser it asks what profile you’d like to use? If you pick one, does the browser work as intended?

Did you get a reply to this question… having the same issue

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