Cannot get new version of the page

Neither brave, nor firefox, nor chrome is actually emptying the cache on exit as promised, and this setting is set. I must bend over backwards to get a new version of the page and image every time. I visited my own weather site over 27,000 times in the last 10ish years, which is about 4.8 times a day. I don’t have time to open incognito windows and type addresses or manually clearing data and reloading. I just want a disabled cache and ability to bookmark the page and always have my weather bookmark open the page with fresh html and images. I am also using php to pop up 4 hrrr hourlies and minute casts, which also need extremely fresh versions.

my 27,000 reloads would likely be half that if cache worked like the user desires, like in browsers before 2004.

yes: no cache headers
yes: clear cache on exit
yes: disable dom on onload false.
yes: clear data
yes: cache busting php random parameters on all images

Nevertheless: these stupid three major browsers do whatever they want to do, ignoring the user.

Pre 2004, cache cached everything and f5 reloaded everything. On shopping sites a browser could be configured to never use the cache, and you could list specific domains or sites to never use the cache. The forward and backward button of the browser always displayed the page in under 10 milliseconds unless you disabled the cache. The user could define the cache location and size, as to never fill up a hardrive and brick or slow down the computer or phone.

Now, cache no longer works, and does what ever it wants to do. Nothing I want to be cached ever caches, and when I want a site to not use the cache, it uses the cache. Control shift r or f5, rarely actually gets everything from the servers and critical things are pulled from the cache. and try yourself to live or die by whether or not the mobile browser get a fresh image and weather product everytime. It ain’t happening.