Cannot get new Sync 2 to sync Android tabs to computer using latest versions on both

I have WAY too many open tabs on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ and it’s taking forever to look at each one to know if I want to delete it (sometimes I can’t tell by the title). So I hope to sync those open tabs to my desktop computer, then use OneTab to quickly cull any unnecessary tabs.

I have (I think) successfully created a SyncChain and I get a brief message after typing in the code on my computer and hitting return that says “Settings saved Syncing tabs.” Then nothing. I realize that it may take time to sync–if I have, say, 200 tabs open on Android. (I know, I know: pathetic! But I mostly use my phone to access the internet as I travel extensively in an RV) Will the system choke to transfer that number of tabs? Or do I need to wait for an extended time for the job to complete? Right now it’s been about a half-hour since I repeated the whole process and still no results.

To review the steps I took:

  1. Started the chain on my Phone–phone correctly listed as part of the chain
  2. Went to the laptop and added my laptop to the chain.
  3. Typed the code shown ON MY PHONE to the box on my laptop and hit enter
  4. “Settings saved Sync started” message on my computer

Here’s what I did to troubleshoot:
Even though the computer indicated that the sync was started, I went back and double-checked that both devices are listed on each device.

I have tried removing the computer from the chain and starting over but the above scenario repeats with no tabs transferred. Repeated attempts to start over have not helped.

I am running Brave Version 1.16.68 on my Dell XPS 15 laptop computer
I am running Brave Version 1.16.76 on my Samsung S10+ phone

My internet connection is via hotspot using my phone–I do not have WiFi at home since I am not home that much.

If you think that it’s just taking time for the job to get done, how much time would you estimate is needed. My hotspot disconnects itself if it doesn’t detect any activity after some time (not sure how long).

Any help or guidance would be great.

Thank you very much.