Cannot get a third-party widget to show on a web page

So, I have a website that uses a polling widget from a third-party site (Civic Science polling). On most browsers, I’m able to see the company’s widget at the bottom of my pages. However, on Brave I’m not able to see it.

When I click the various sites that Brave is blocking, is among them. How can I exclude and all its associated entries so that the widget will work on my web pages?



I get the same response, 404 error in Brave, Opera and Firefox for the link but works fine in all three browsers.


By ‘company’s widget’ I take that to mean, a Civic Science widget.

The Civic Science website is:

In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://settings/content/javascript

Scroll down that javascript settings page to Allowed to use javascript

Click the Add button

Enter [*.] as the site . . . but do not Enable

  • Current Private session only

Click the Add button

Repeat those steps for entries:


Thanks. But that doesn’t seem to work. The widget to create the poll still doesn’t show.
(And yeah, you are correct … it’s a “Civic Science widget.”

I suppose that I can inquire with Civic Science to find out how to make it work with the Brave browser.


Problem is possibly, ad blocking of the widget.

@fanboynz will know; and will likely need the URL address of your website.

Some exception for the widget may work, along the lines of:

The site-specific Shields v1 panel provides for lowering the level of Tracking and Ad blocking, from:

  • Aggressive to Standard
  • Standard to none

and thereby, you might test.

Recommended Brave Shields version is v1

In a Brave Browser - New Window, go to: brave://flags

Search for: Enable Brave Shields

  • DISABLE: Enable Brave Shields v2
  • ENABLE: Enable Brave Shields v1

Using site-specific Shields (v1) panels:

Brave Help Center Site-specific Shields (v1):

with illustrations (that you see, immediately above).

Brave Help Center Site-specific Shields (v2):

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