Cannot find referral link. Noobtastic <3

Hello new old family. I have misplaced the referral link. In fact I thought I never had it. I went to create the “promo” for Brave after I’d set my “tipping jar” up etc. So much to my surprise I was informed I’d already created a referral link. Then the widget went on the dashboard for the count but from what link will they count. Hopefully a noble has gotten it and will use it for good filling the jar! Nice to meet you. Thank you.

@TGSSource did you not have orange box on your creator dashboard? IIRC you’ll also receive your referral link via email.


Hmm let me find that again. I am just learning this one. Brb. Thank you @eljuno

This is what I see. I looked in tip area also. I used wix so not sure where to put the file to verify website not sure if this is an issue as I saw the pretty Brave token for referrals. Thank you again.

Does anyone know how I might local my Brave referral link as it went on and off the screen and I didn’t copy it this has been a while ago now. It is not on the dashboard where the count would be. Thank you in advance.

Also is there an easier way to get from “Brave Browser” to the Creator area I don’t know about? Peace.

Apologies for the late response, @TGSSource. I missed your posts.

Are you sure you already opt-in to referral program?

cc @asad @steeven for additional assistance.

You can try DNS record method. It’s easier IMHO.

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Thank you all and no worries all Divine timing. Yes I am certain as I did see the pretty badge and link attached to it for just a moment. I figured I would just get it elsewhere so I looked around and saw the “counter” widget attached to the dashboard and just figured I was missing it.
As to the website verify I am using Wix. There is no well.known file I am currently aware of. I copied code into each page heading hoping it might track anyhow and so far it is not but maybe? Thank you again.

How about google analytics? I can give you the number or? Not sure how Wix does this. Was very hard to verify the google until I upgraded my account they did it for me. You are better than google however not recognized as yet to Wix. <3 I really do enjoy it and I’d like to spread the word but need to be all set up. A way from the Brave Browser screen direct to Creator page would be nice or a tab in the settings area like the others. Enjoying it and want to share and share BAT

It’s all taken care of thank you.

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