Cannot edit login details for website PC version Linux

I cannot edit login details for website, only can show, why? I got more login details for Edition, because browser not save all details only password, not user name. Why brave not have some account for synch this details for synch between devices. Thank you so much for your answer

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

**Brave Version:latest version

This is the way the built-in password manager works. To change login details, simply return to the site and login with new information – if your login is successful, you should see a prompt asking you if you want to update the credentials for that site.

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Hi, this is not sutch simple, i need to tell specific site my user name and password, user name missing and us not saved. Not possible to login to this site without user name and password. Only with password.on Chromium is editing simple and great, but here is bad.
Edit:I look on it and is not sutch bad. I glad about credential for login is synch on some account like Google account.