Cannot CTRL CLICK to open a bookmark

when opening a bookmark from the bookmarks bar, you should be able to click a bookmark folder, then CTRL click a bookmark to open it in a new tab, then (ostensibly) CTRL click another bookmark to open it in another tab. Whenever I open press the CTRL key, however, the bookmarks dropdown closes, and I cannot even select a bookmark.

Also, why can’t you create new Tags? I tried to create a ‘bookmark’ tag, using the “optional tags” input field above, but no dice. Lack of this feature is antithetical to the spirit of a product called “Brave Community”. I.e. it should be as community driven as possible (especially given that you’ve provided so many hoops (like signing up for a community account) to gatekeep even submitting a bug report / feedback).

You’re posting this topic in the feedback category, when it belongs in the Support and Troubleshooting category. I’ve moved this topic to the appropriate category on your behalf.

As for the bookmarks issue, it may be an issue with your system or potentially an extension you have installed. On my end, I’m able to ctrl + click on a link in the bookmarks bar, or bookmarks drop down, or bookmarks manager and open the link in a new tab.

This works for me on Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. Pressing control should not close the bookmarks dropdown menu (or any menu for that matter). Would it be possible to see a short recoding of the behavior as you see it on your end?

Mattches you’re my homie!

I have more info! This is only broken on a new tab. E.g.

I.e. when you press the CTRL key while on a new tab, any bookmark dropdown you have open will immediately close, precluding you from CTRL + CLICKing to open that bookmark in (another) new tab.

Pardon me - thanks for moving the ticket for me (I don’t see it in that category, FWIW, but I’m guessing that’s because you were unable to repro the issue) - I will endeavor to post in the correct category next time.

In the recording below, I’ve demonstrated what he behavior shows on my end – whether on NTP or another site, pressing ctrl does not close the drop-down menu:

Note that yes I am using a macOS to record the video but I can assure you that I repeated the test on my Windows laptop right next to me with the same results. Do you have a particular extension installed or something else controlling/monitoring screen behavior?

@Mattches pardon me - I meant the CMD key. I’m using Mac OS Catalina, and the only extensions I have are Augury and Tab Scissors. The only others were Cisco Webex Extension and VZ Google Chrome Extensions Inventory Tool (I work at Verizon) but I just removed those (and after opening a new window) the issue is still happening. Will update + restart my browser later today and let you know if I still see the issue, pardon me.

No worries.
Can you please try creating a new profile temporarily, add a couple of bookmarks and test to see if you get the same behavior? There’s definitely something outside of the browser causing this, because I can assure you that the intended behavior (and the behavior I get consistently) is that the menu should not close while the cmd is held/pressed