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I had a wallet when the site launched, but since the updates I cannot create a wallet in the payment page. When I click ‘create wallet’ nothing happens. This has been a problem for about 3 months. any help apperciated.
I’m on a pc, windows 10 home.

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Hi, would you please try these steps?

  1. Close the browser
  2. Backup your data folder following the steps descreibed here: How to backup Bookmarks and settings
  3. Delete 4 files whose prefix is ledger- in the original folder
  4. Restart browser
  5. Open the payment page
  6. Hit create wallet



@suguru, thank you for this. I had the same problem and your suggestion fixed it. I will note that I had six ledger- files and not four.

Is the next step to use the “recover wallet” feature to get my payments back on again?


CC @mrose for an assist


@murphy - if you saved a recovery file, then yes, go ahead and use the recovery file.

if you don’t have a recovery file, then email me the bitcoin address of the wallet you funded your brave wallet from and how much, and i’ll reimburse you…

if you don’t know the address of your wallet, look at ledger-state.json for a line that starts with “address”: “…”, and just cut-and-paste that line to me.

sorry for the inconvenience and thanks!


@mrose, I’m okay with not getting a reimubrsement, as long as that goes right to Brave. :slight_smile:
It it just as easy for me to create a new wallet and fund this again?



either works, whatever is best for you…

if you want to create a new wallet, the easiest way to do that is this:

  1. go to about:preferences#payments and turn the ledger OFF.
  2. QUIT the browser(!!)
  3. find the file ledger-state.json and delete it.
  4. restart the browser
  5. go to about:preferences#payments and turn the ledger ON

good luck and thanks for your patience!

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