Cannot create a wallet in my laptop

Hello Guys,

I cant create a wallet in my brave account in my laptop (windows). see picture

Hello Brave Team,

Please help me on this. Until now, it says “Wallet Creation failed”.

Hi @deter15 - thanks a bunch for reporting. That’s certainly strange. What OS are you on? Does it continue if you close and re-open the app?

Hello Steeven, im currently using Lenovo laptop (windows) and i try to shutdown my laptop and once i open the app again, still, the app cant create wallet.

Hi @deter15 - we just released a new update for windows about an hour ago. Can you update and let me know if the issue persists? Thank you!

Hello Steeven, actually my laptop is a company laptop. And as per checking while i try to download brave to my laptop, it requires username and password of administration but i decline it… and dialogue box said i can download BRAVE app to my laptop without permission of the administrator. Still, brave wallet is not working.