Cannot connect Ledger Nano X to Brave crypto wallets

I cannot connect my Ledger Nano X to Brave crypto wallets. When I click on connect hardware wallet and then click on Ledger I get this popup and then the whole browser freezes. And the ledger is already connected. Even if I wait for the popup to connect it, I get the same result.

I am using Brave desktop version 1.13.82 on Windows 10. My Ledger device also has the lastest firmware updates.

I’m having the same problems with my ledger nano s. The nano’s firmware is up to date and the ledger software recognizes the device when i connect to my computer.

Same here. ( Ledger Nano S )

Ok found a solution for this. I had to verify my Windows Account @ Windows -> settings -> accounts. After I had done that the process continued without freezing.

I’m having this problem as well, but could not find any need to verify my windows account. Weird problem, and I’ve had the same issue with other services.

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