Cannot connect custodial wallet - UK Uphold

Hi, I am able to login to my Uphold wallet and proceed through every step. However, just before my Uphold wallet is connected to the Brave browser an error pops up that says that my Uphold account is registered in an unsupported country. That is false, as it is registered in my UK address, which is among the supported countries.

Where might the problem be as I seemingly cover the prerequisites.

Windows 10
Brave Version 1.59.117

Many thanks.

This isn’t the term that matters. Question is, which passport did you use? The API from Uphold reports to Brave that you belong to whichever country your passport is from. So if you created using a passport from a different country that isn’t supported, then that’s your dilemma and that would need to be updated by Uphold.

I thought residency is what mattered. Thanks, I will discuss this with Uphold.

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