Cannot collect Brave Reward

I’m in a country where Uphold is supported, and I also contacted Uphold, they stated that me not receiving my rewards for the following reason, “Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.”, needs to be solved by Brave. Could you help me here?

What country are you in?
Check if your country is in the list below →

If not then you can’t do anything than to wait for Brave to support your country again.

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I currently moved from Nepal to Canada, and still am unable to collect the reward.

It doesn’t matter where you moved to or what you claim as your address or IP. What matters in this situation is your passport/ID you provided for KYC. So if yours was from Nepal, it’s going to mismatch and have you as unsupported Nepal. You would need to submit Canadian ID/passport and have them update it. Let me copy/paste a longer reply I usually give, as it has some extra details:

Issue that has been occurring with a lot of people is a mismatch between KYC. Uphold sometimes can be content with just updating the mailing address and submitting those documents, but Brave isn’t. What happens is the API communicates between Uphold and Brave about your information. The crazy part is Brave staff can’t access it, but the system does.

So what could be happening is it’s seeing your prior passport for whatever country you were in and it’s telling you it’s an unsupported region based on that. Unless/until that’s updated between their systems, you’ll likely have this problem.

Part of the reason for it is because it’s an extra layer of fraud protection. It’s easy to fake a mailing address but harder to get official government licenses/passport.

Whether you need to submit new passport/government ID from a prior country or you already did and Uphold may not have updated, you may want to check with them by doing a support ticket with Uphold at at (according to their support article at )

You always can try to reach out to Brave’s support as well, by doing a support ticket at but Brave will be limited on what they can do if it’s something that needs changing on Uphold’s end.

So how am I supposed to update my locations and send the proof for verification?

@sunilth It’s literally linked to you in the reply above.

I think we are having a miscommunication here. I’ve already provided my evidence to Uphold and they have updated it. But the brave reward isn’t being claimed, I presume it’s because my country setting in Brave isn’t updated. How may I update it, and if I need to email, could you provide me an email? The above reply you mentioned has a link to contact Uphold or submit a new ticket. Am I required to raise a ticket in order to update?

Agreed. So let me backtrack and make sure I’m on the same page. This means it might feel like we’re repeating, so forgive me. But I want to make sure I’m not going to say it wrong again.

I know you said you moved from Nepal to Canada. I’m also seeing that you mentioned you updated your information. What I’m needing to confirm is if, when you updated the information, you provided a passport or photo ID to Uphold from Canada?

The reason I’m stressing that is a lot of times people update their address and send that proof, but Uphold doesn’t force you to update the ID. But according to Brave, the API still reports your prior ID to them and that causes Brave to respond to that. Meaning Uphold would say you’re fully verified and everything fine, but they didn’t update your ID and the API might show Canadian address but Nepal ID, so Brave says, “they must still be from Nepal, they are in an unsupported region.”

HOWEVER, if you’re saying you did send new ID/Passport to show Canada, then I’d need to ask how long it’s been. If it’s recent, it might take a couple days to show that to Brave. Either way, it might be helpful for you to submit the Support Ticket to Brave and advise them that you moved, what documents you provided to Uphold, your Uphold ID and email associated with Uphold, and see if they can try to work with Uphold to get everything straightened out.

Sure I’ll raise a ticket regarding it. I submitted my address verified by the bank. I hope that works the same for the Brave as well.

ID is absolutely necessary. If you don’t have Photo ID updated for current country, then it won’t be good enough for Brave based on how the API communicates. It probably should be changed, but it’s just how Uphold and Brave talk to each other.

So yeah, even with updated address, you won’t be able to get seen in supported region until it’s no longer seeing Nepal anywhere. Hopefully you have one or can get it and have Uphold update

Yes, I did have Uphold updated, now need to update Brave regarding the same. I’ve raised a ticket regarding the issue.

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