Cannot claim “You have a grant waiting for you” 2.0

I was not able to claim my reward grant.

Hello, @thegotheory.

Can you elaborate a bit more on the issue? I assume you clicked Claim; what happened after that? Also, which version of Brave are you using, and on what type of device?

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I think it’s because your Android version, Android version 8.0 and above will receive BAT in the browser!

I clicked but no response, I am using a desktop with the latest version of Brave browser

@thegotheory Did you try claiming grants from brave://rewards settings page? If not, can you try that. Open the Hamburger menu, select Brave Rewards brave://rewards settings page openes up, claim button is shown on the UI, if not reload the brave://rewards page. Click on Claim buton and see whether you are able to claim the grants from settings page or not.


I also clicked ‘claim’ on the panel on the browser to no avail. Also loaded brave://rewards settings page and saw no record of grants or claims.
Not working.


cc @Mattches @sriram for further assistance

@thegotheory, @Volunteer,
My current theories are that this is either a server issue on our end (since these claims are generated based on a server response) or the result of a corrupted ledger_state file – this holds much of your Rewards data.

Checking for (possible) ledger_state corruption is an easier test so lets start there. Try the following:

  1. In Brave, click the “People” icon next to the main menu image
  2. Click Manage People --> Add Person and create a new profile
  3. This will generate a “fresh” browser profile with a new ledger_state within it – a new window will launch displaying the Welcome Tour.

In this new profile, click the Rewards icon and see if you’re able to claim a grant here. Let me know the results.

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weirdly nothing there.

same here, dont know whats up

this did not work for me unfortunately.

@thegotheory @Volunteer Could you try launching brave via command prompt and check logs and see if the grants not available message shown or not.


I feel embarrassed to say I may not know how to do that…sigh…

@thegotheory No worries, try installing Git Bash from

After installing Git you can lauch Brave using below command



I tried to ‘open Brave’ in the terminal fro MAC OS, but the response was could not find…
What do I input into the terminal window to pen the brave browser?

Same here with Android 5.0.2 and Brave 1.0.90 rc5. Clicked claim, claim button went away and nothing got added to my wallet and the claim button does not appear again. This is actually a common behavior. I saw this happen a couple of times. Never thought much about out it, just another bug on the list I guess.

This seems to be for desktop but marked under Android Rewards. @Mattches can you please move this to

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