Cannot claim my brave earnings

Check your safety net

@JustAnotherLapras I don’t see a DM from you, sending you one now.

Done, with no issues.

anyone have any progress? iam in no hurry as brave stands on its own browser wise but check here alot and this has soured me a great degree and seems clear if it does lose any of its use browser wise well can always switch. I apparently have 1. something bat coming in 24hrs maybe…but still ads are not working correctly so know I wont be earning much if at all. and the missing 7 some bat well just sucks lol. was told to try getting verified with a wallet co tried gemini now iam in a mess with there “support” what is it will all these places lacking ANY understanding outside there own city/wealth range. ok getting a bit mad and rambling. hope some of you are getting issues resolved.

Hi there, it seems i’ll get my BATS soon (08/11) but not sure about it. I’ll come back then, tell if the problem still or not.

So, last month I reconnect uphold to Brave Mobile and it seems to Work. But just for the featured month.
The Rewards from September are still bugged and I can not Claim them.
The Rewards from Oktober are now in the uphold wallet.

Mach dafür doch bitte einen extra Beitrag auf. Das hat mit dem Thema hier doch überhaupt nichts zu tun.

Hi steevan my bats are missing and there is no claim option also since my pc brave browser is unverified pls help

Hi there, any progress on how we can get the current bats on our wallet. Because I have 10 of them on mobile and no clue of how I can put them on my uphold. Brave rewards tell the next sending will be on 10/11 but is this about all or only the current month ?

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