Cannot claim my brave earnings

Hello im not sure how to explain this but please look at this video and tell me what is happening to my brave earnings, it’s like its not going into my wallet? No matter how much times I click “claim”.

Yes bro same problem

Please help Steven

Rug pull by the devs, it’s de-verified my wallet and I looked and it hasn’t been putting funds into uphold for August or September despite it was saying verified and showing full balance until recently. I think they are doing a big rug pull everyone seems to be hit.

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i met the same problem…
I have tried 2 of my PCs and of mobiles, one of each are not connected to Uphold, and the other are connected to Uphold.

i have found that

  1. the PC and mobile which do not connect Uphold can collect the BAT without any problems. I can send the BATs from local wallets to Uphold after I got the monthly reward.
  2. On the other hand, the PC and mobile connect to Uphold wallet are unable to get the BAT, even I disconnect from the Uphold. The log shows constant errors to send coins to uphold directly.

update: I got an update from Brave app on my Android a few minutes ago. I updated it. finally got the tokens from Brave app and transferred it to Uphold wallet successfully.

Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please see this thread for updates - Monthly Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!

Hello this has been happening for months now, what could be the issue? could you manually add the earnings to my wallet? @steeven

Hi @TanishFX, did you receive a payment this week?

noted mine has no records for aug/sept just before hand it was 7 something bat was pretty excited tbh as my first full full payout since joining, I will assume its just late and express here how hard it is to reach any easy/decent support or even clear info.
I will give it a few days I guess as keep seeing it may be delayed but yeah very strange

Got the same problems here, so I hang on this Thread.
The only thing I did before is to unlink Brave Mobile from uphold.
But still cant claim reward.

Does your device pass Safetynet? You can test here:

It failed to the CTS Profile, but dont know how to fix it

Still no one has helped me. They tell me to send them stuff in messages which I have done many times, but then they do not assist. I am starting to think that they are doing a rug pull.

Hi, got some kinda same issues with brave on mobile, can’t see anywhere how to send my BATs (~8) from browser to uphold. My PC and mobile are sync, and both linked to uphold. Anybody got some tips ? It would be great, thanks.
(En français ça serait encore mieux, non pas que je galère, hein :3 )

By this point it has become clear that the devs are scamming everyone. Please stop using Brave as they are refusing to assist people and taking their BAT for themselves.


true Ig The Devs did not respond to any query regarding Brave Rewards A Big RUG PULL


Yea they post on here saying DM them so it looks like they are helping, but then they don’t take any action after you DM them.


I reconnect the mobile Version back to uphold, Just to try if it works. Still the same Problem.

Thing is, I disconnect from uphold, cause I want to use BATs directly with my Binance wallet, without paying fees to uphold.

I m a bit disapointet, that there is no clearly help to solve the Problem.


Worse still looks like they turned off ads

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The problem isn’t fixed by now ?
C’mon guys, tell us anything about it, about what are you gonna do, we all need to go ahead theses issues and keep enjoying Brave.

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