Cannot claim bat reward

I am attempting to claim my bat rewards and when I go to prove I am human, I drag the logo onto the correct shape and I keep getting “Hmmm, not quite…”

I think it is a general issue to most new users cause there are multiple complaints regarding that. Let me cc @Mattches for assistance.

Apologies for the late reply – are you still experiencing this issue?

Yes, no matter how many times I drag the logo o the correct shape it will not recognize me as human.

May seem silly but can you check and see if your screen is zoomed in at all (compared to default 100%)? This has been known to cause issues with Captcha – I’m wondering if this may explain your issue.

It is silly and that was the issue. I had to change the page zoom in the settings back to 100% and restart the browser before it worked. Thank you for your help.


Silly or not I’m glad that worked – is likely the causes for many other users reporting the same frustration.
Thank you for helping troubleshoot!