Cannot change wallet address

I am using brave browser for android and receive the toast message (you must have a minimum balance of 25 BAT). I have an uphold account with 25 BAT on my phone logged in. This same account works seamlessly for desktop but will not work on my mobile. Please make it so users can change their wallet address or link their uphold accounts.

@Notimportantperson hi, not sure if I understand

So your phone wallet does not have the minimum 25 bat?

My phone will not connect to my uphold wallet which has 25 BAT. When I go to verify address I dont get an option to connect wallet.

You’ll need the 25 BAT in your Reward wallet first before the button is click-able @Notimportantperson . There’s no way to override that restriction ATM.

You misunderstand me the wallet address is what needs to change. I have a pefectly good 25 BAT wallet on uphold I could use.

In other word, there’s no way to “change wallet address”. The option is either local Rewards wallet or a verified wallet (connected to Uphold). For the latter, there’s 25 BAT minimum requirements before user able to “verify” the local Rewards wallet @Notimportantperson .

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On mobile the set restriction is, to connect your uphold wallet and receive payments you need to collect 25 BAT locally, when that happens you can link uphold account. This is independent of how many BAT you have on uphold.

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This is the answer I was indeed looking for, the key word is “collect”. Today I will try to send 25 BAT to the browser wallet (Which I’m guessing is part of the design) and report back the results. Thank you!

This was also the answer. I was just too focused on how I viewed the problem. Thank you!

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