Cannot add YouTube Official Artist Channel

Cannot Add YouTube Official Artist Channel

There is no way I can see of adding all my officially released songs published in my Topic channel.

All artists (large and small) on YouTube now have an Official Artist Channel. See Official Artist Channel for the official description, which you should understand before you read on.

So, now you know that Official Artist Channels combine multiple channels into a “single” channel to make it easier to find your favourite artists. I have a YouTube Official Artist Channel at:
And I have been able to add and verify this channel as you’ll see if you go to it using Brave:

However, all my official songs/albums are released (via my distributor) into the Patient Pacifist - Topic channel. Don’t ask me why. That’s just the way it is. Brave browser thinks my officially released songs are still in this topic channel. For example, if you listen to Green Juices you will see:

Obviously, that’s just the way the YouTube is “merging” the channels into an Official Artist Channel. But I don’t have a direct login for my Topic channel (as YouTube created it automatically for my releases) and I can’t see a way to add it because it isn’t in my list of YouTube channels.

Any ideas how to make this work?

Cheers Daniel

Thanks for reaching out and apologize for the late response.

It’s because you verify the official channel – the “normal” channel. I’m not sure if the Brave Creators program support a verification of “topic” channel.

Let me cc @asad @cory @jsecretan on this.

Thanks @eljuno
One of the problems is that I can’t easily find other Official Artist Channels to compare at BATGrowth because the YouTube list doesn’t differentiate between OACs and normal YouTube channels. But it might be a reason why there are so few OACs signing up because their content doesn’t actually register. That’s just a guess because I don’t have enough data. But it would be really great if there was a bit more effort to get artists (big and small) on board with BAT. But again I’m not sure what you are planning. But reaching out to record labels and publishers might help. Any one is your team work on this?
Cheers Daniel

So, anyone working with the music industry here? @eljuno @Asad @cory @jsecretan ? See my comment above. It would be great for Brave and BAT if we could solve this issue. Where can I speak to the developers? Cheers Daniel

Adding @jennie @chriscat on this

So, anyone working with the music industry here? I do and I am willing to work with Brave to make the experience for music artists much much better. @eljuno @Asad @cory @jsecretan @jennie @chriscat ? See my main post above. It would be great for Brave and BAT if we could solve this issue. Where can I speak to the developers or business development? Cheers Daniel

@eljuno @Asad @cory @jsecretan @jennie @chriscat I’ve moved this issue to the developers because now I understand why no one has been able to answer this issue here. Let me know if you are interested in working with the music industry at any point. Cheers Daniel

Apologies for late response @dahacouk. I also forwarded your suggestion to the team.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi there! I took a quick look at this but wasn’t able to figure out an easy way to add this, it’s going to take a little while before I’m able to look at it again. We have some items in flight that make it difficult to add new types of channels.

We have support for a lot of channels planned and code complete, but we’re waiting for our implementation of GreaseMonkey (called GreaseLion) to be merged and released throughout all the browsers.

@dahacouk I really appreciate your Github issues! If you have any other minor bug nits or anything feel free to submit :smiley:

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Hey @cory , really appreciate you responding. Any idea on when GreaseLion will be merged? Or any issue I can keep any specific watch on or set an alarm on? Cheers!

Here’s the repo for the code. -

Some relevant issues that are related to greaselion

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