Cannot add new links to Brave Playlist (esp soundcloud)

Cannot add new tracks to brave playlist on mobile. Not seeing the usual purple icon with lines when playing a song on soundcloud. (Older soundcloud links still in my brave playlist). Version 1.44.1 (

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Any word on this? I cleared my cache and cookies and there has been no changes in 2 weeks.

Hello @Yoadamboy, thank you for reaching us out. Can you please share a screenshot so we can have a better idea. thanks in advance.

Same song. Can no longer add to playlist via Brave Mobile regardless of whether shields are up or down. Can add the same songs on youtube to Brave playlist. Older soundcloud links still work and exist within Brave playlist but cannot add new ones.

1.46 should fix this.
Websites change their content from time to time and our scripts to extract a video from a website can break occasionally