Cannot add new favorite top site

Description of the issue:
When I start a new tab, I have my top sites set to show only favorites. But when I attempt to add a new favorite, the input dialog for the top site’s name and URL immediately disappears when I try to click on anything, within the dialog box or not.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave
  2. Click the plus icon or use the top sites’ menu button to add a new top site
  3. Click anywhere on the screen, before or after attempting to enter a site’s name

Expected result:
Users should be able to click on the URL input field without the entire new top site dialog box disappearing

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave release - v1.40.105

Additional Information:
I am using Windows 11 Home, version 21H2

How many sites do you have so far? I think Brave only allows 10 favorites or so.

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I only had six. Even when I removed them all, it was unfortunately still not working.

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I am facing the same issue :((

If you’re looking for a work-around in the time being, I actually found that I could visit the site I wanted, then go back to the new tab page and change the top sites to show frequently visited instead of favorites.
Once I did that, I could see the site I just visited (you have to ensure you have room on your frequently visited bar for a new site to show up) and then use the pencil icon to click “edit site”.
Then I just renamed it and hit enter, without clicking anywhere else, and when you swap the top sites back to showing favorites, the site you visited and renamed is there.
It is certainly a clunky work-around but it did help me get my favorite sites back.


Thank you so much! I tried and it worked.

No problem! Happy it helped.

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It does not work for me. I even cannot change the name of a top site, and after removing them all from the list of top visited sites, some long time not used other websites appear later on

When typing in the name, don’t use your mouse at all, the name field is already highlighted when you try to edit a site, so just start typing the new name you want and then just hit the “enter” key on your keyboard alone.
As for the top sites showing old websites you can to try to restore all your frequently visited sites. First make sure your top sites is set to show frequently visited sites.
Then try to delete one of the sites and then click “restore all” from the banner that comes up. Then visit the site you’d like to add (make sure you are going directly to the site URL you want, and not just searching for it and clicking a link from the search results) and come back to the new tab, and delete unwanted sites until the one you want comes up, then try editing it like I said above.
You might need to refresh the new tab page to see the site you visited show up.
Remember to swap back the top sites back to showing favorite sites and not frequently visited ones after editing the site you want.
Hopefully this will work until Brave fixes the issue.

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OK. Now it worked. Probably the omitting of mouse movements made it work.
Thanks anyhow.

No problem, hopefully they fix this issue soon.

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Try using the TAB button instead of mouse; And ENTER to save URL.


This is alot easier, thank you!

Having same issue. Its been doing this for about 2 weeks

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I have the same issue. Can’t add new favorite top site.

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@Sim1000 and @Puluihu check out I cannot manually add websites to the the Top Sites section on my dashboard - #4 by Saoiray

@Saoiray How is what you posted in your post above different from what @CerealLover posted? I did not see the difference or any additional information in the link you provided.

Cannot add new favorite top site - #14 by CerealLover (post #14 above)
I can't add favorite sites on my new tab - #3 by Crimsonmage21 (linked topic in post #14 above)

Additional information in topic linked by @CerealLover

This is rather a workround than a solution while waiting for a solution in the next Brave update.
Fortunately, the workaround is very simple: do not use mouse to move from NAME to URL , instead use TAB button.
Use ENTER to save!


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  1. It doesn’t matter.
  2. If you want to be technical, I posted in mine 11 hours ago where they posted 8 hours ago.
  3. People don’t read, hence where Sim1000 commented here to say they have the same issue, despite there being a response above.

So someone had an issue and I repeated. It shouldn’t be an issue where you want to throw a tantrum here.

@Saoiray @Saoiray ok. I was wondering if I should add it to User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x topic as another workaround, but couldn’t see where if offered any additional information. I just repeated information so you wouldn’t have to bounce back and forth.

Also from User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x topic

Try This: Community Member Solutions and Workarounds
Overview & Warnings

In many cases, these solutions or workarounds have been posted by several different people over time. I just picked up the one I ran across first and tried to use posts with screenshots. No disrespect intended to users who may have posted earlier.

That statement is in the Try This section but applies overall too.

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Ok, sorry. Still sore from the past where you got mad at me as I shared things, especially if you had already commented in that topic thread. I was assuming you were going down that same path. I’ll try not to be so defensive if you ask similar in the future.