Cannot Add Funds for Brave Payments


When I try to make Brave Payments by using my debit/credit card, a window pops up saying Buy Bitcoin and asks for your email address. When I fill in my email address and hit Continue nothing happens. I have waited for an extended period multiple times, but nothing happens beyond that point. Any idea on what I am doing wrong?


interesting. you’re not doing anything wrong, it should “just work”. here is what is suggest. when you click on “Fund with debit/credit card”, move the mouse into the big blue area, right-click and select “Inspect Element”. this should open up the Developers’ window. click on “Console” on the top in order to see the javascript console. then go back to the coinbase buy widget, enter your email address, and hit continue. it will probably fail again. that’s OK: please copy what shows up in the console window to this topic, so we can see what’s going on…

i am a big fan of the coinbase buy widget, but every now and then something sometimes slips just a bit (-;

thanks for your patience!


When I click on the Console it appears to be mostly blank. See screen below:

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