Cannot add ANN token

Linux Mint 20.3
brave-browser 1.38.109

This is a feedback, it could be a bug report.

I cannot add ANN token to my Brave wallet, I use a button on web page, I approve new token in Brave wallet and token is added but no details are visible, new token is hidden in a “cloud”. Like Brave wallet cannot download token details from the blockchain…

Try it. Open, there is a “Add ANN token to Metamask” in the left-down corner. Click the link, approve action in Brave wallet and check your tokens. Do you see ANN token in the list of your tokens or just some “cloudy” item? ANN is token on ETH blockchain.

BTW, I do not have any ANN tokens, I just try this as a “game” to test new possibilities. There is a possibility that the “Add ANN token” link imports wrong data, that this is problem of the web, not Brave wallet.

I tried with Firefox 99.0.1 and MetaMask 10.12.4, at Linux Mint 20.3 and no problem, token ANN is added to Metamask wallet. So it looks like there is a bug in Brave wallet, it cannot import that token…

ANN is token on BCS blockchain but contract is at ETH blockchain too. So, there could be a reason, why Brave wallet cannot get details for ANN from ETH blockchain. But MetaMask imported the token, no problem… I still think there is a bug in Brave wallet but maybe it is not a bug. I do not know.

Anyway, I cannot remove ANN token from Brave wallet once it is imported. I cannot check token detail in Brave wallet, detail like contract address, or open contract in block explorer. MetaMask is better here, it can hide token, it can open token in block explorer.

An easy way to import Binance smart chain to Brave wallet is

@MintUser You will have to switch network in the Brave wallet extention to BSC before adding this token (ANN) and reload the Annex site. I am able to see-

Just make sure you are adding this ANN on BSC and not on Ethereum Mainnet. And you can remove any token by expanding Visible Assets on the portfolio page and delete them.

Just following up that I was able to add it no problem. It adds to whatever the selected network is at the time of adding as Aman_M mentioned.

My Brave was upgraded to 1.38.111 and I can replicate the issue. I attach a screenshot, the last item is ANN token added to ETH blockchain. Once I add ANN token to BSC blockchain, the item on ETH blockchain is changed to “nice” form, I can see icon of ANN token. It was difficult to remove token from the asset list, I tried it several times and ANN token was not removed. Then it was removed, I cannot see a rule why removal was ignored for several times but than it was finally removed. Maybe I should not to use filter when I remove token…

I assume that contract on each blockchain should be independent, right? Why ANN token on BSC blockchain has impact on ANN token on ETH blockchain (contract address is the same, wallet borrowed token icon from BSC chain and used it for ETH chain). This could be a security issue but I am not sure…

Are you saying that if you add a token to Ethereum it also show up in BSC?

No. I added it to ETH and BSC, it was manual action. I see that information between different blockchains is shared. Once I added token on BSC, information on ETH was updated.

@MintUser I can repro the issue. This is what is happening.

And because its adding a different token its getting listed under Ethereum which isn’t being loaded

This is how it looks in visible assets when both are added

It seems to add correctly on MetaMask though

I logged an issue for this and can be tracked here

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