Cannot access website after server change

Description of the issue:

I started using Brave at work, and we often times have to access our customer facing website. Recently our website team changed hosting companies, which obviously required a DNS change. In Brave, I cannot access the website anymore. Instead it shows our website’s custom 500 error page (presumably cached?).

I have this same issue in Opera, however the website is accessible on my same computer with Internet Explorer and FireFox. This leads me to believe it’s an issue with Brave/Opera (and probably Chrome?) and not with Windows or the network. Everyone else in the office can access it fine.

I have tried multiple things, including clearing all the cached data (cache, cookies, etc.). I decided to wait a few days as maybe the cache will expire, however it’s been about 4-5 days and I’m still getting the issue. I also did the brave://net-internals/#dns to clear any DNS cache that the browser has, but no avail.

EDIT: Looking at the developer tools, both FireFox and Brave are resolving the URL to the same exact IP address. I have made sure to turn off all extensions and Brave Shield, still getting error 500. So the error is something internal with Brave and Opera

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